We bring this innovative concept of cylinder identification software.

Can You Identify

  • Defective or leakage marked Cylinder
  • Spurious cylinders
  • Expiry date of a cylinder
  • Manufacture details
  • Misuse of subsidized cylinders in commercial activities, like canteen, hotel, etc.

Can You Track

  • Cylinders in transit
  • Hot-repaired cylinders
  • Location of a cylinder
  • Theft of a cylinder
  • History of a cylinder

Existing Problem

  • Defective Cylinders

  • Expiry Date Not Known

  • No History/Manufacture Details?

  • Supirious Cylinder

C-Track Benefits

  • Centralized Monitoring

  • No Risk Due To Marking

  • No Risk Of Huge Investment

  • Guaranteed Successful Implementation


  • In case of cylinder burst can you get the track record?

  • Can you Identify and track spurious cylinders?

  • Can you currently identify Expiry date of a cylinder?

  • For Hot-repaired cylinders – can you make sure old number and new number are SAME?

Facts & Identifying Cylinders

Duplication not Possible

Guaranteed support

14 Seconds of Mark

Hand Held Scanner

Mobile Phone Scanner

Cord Scanner