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Product Features : र 25,00,000

  • VeaponSoft is the most comprehensive software in the market for Weapons Management & Tracking.
  • VeaponSoft is uses bar-codes and hand held bar-code readers,
  • VeaponSoft is integrated with Bio-metric registration and verification systems, to keep track of weapons in a most secured form.

VeaponSoft helps in tracking the items like:

  • Weapons
  • Magazines / Cartridges
  • Ammunition
  • Arms
  • Guns
  • Bullets / Rubber bullets
  • Munitions
  • Projectiles
  • Missiles
  • Rockets
  • Bombs / Grenades
  • Explosives
  • Mortars
  • Warheads
  • Canisters/ Cylinders

Security Feature

  • Role Based Security is provided for each feature and each user
  • Biometric Security for every issue of Weapon / Asset

System Features

  • Complete history of weapons purchased, cost, department Items,
  • charged to, previous and present locations
  • Vendor, the items purchased from.
  • Make, model, Butt number and serial number of the item.
  • The grouped in multi-level Category - the weapon is found under.
  • Weapons can be issued and returned to authorized personnel for carrying out determined types of duties.
    • Operational Duty
    • Vyasnagar Guard
    • Glory Guard
    • Demo
    • Firing Test
    • Arms Cleaning
    • Refresher Course
    • Arms inspection
    • arms inspection and Lubrication
    • Other Duty
  • VeaponSoft permits of issuing only based on allotment to the authorized personnel.


  • Accurate reporting for insurance, fires or theft purposes
  • Quick & easy physical count at quarter end for audit purposes
  • Accurate records of disposed or written off items
  • Accurate reporting of status for each weapon
  • Ability to track which employee has which weapon
  • Loss prevention simplifies Office or departmental moves

Statutory Reports

  • Nominal Reports
  • Daily Abstract Reports
  • Stock Reports
  • Un-Returned Weapons / Assets List
  • Un-Allotted Weapons / Assets List
  • Un-Allotted Employees List
  • Physical Stock Verification supported with Hand held device – Generates Less and Excess reports.

Reports – Weapons/ Ammunition

Simply scan the barcode and then all the weapons in that room, any changes will be shown in one of the many reports.

  • Daily Abstract In and Out Report
  • Detailed weapons Information report
  • Summary weapons information report
  • Summary of weapons by type report
  • Summary of weapons by model report
  • Weapon location report
  • Allotted and Un-allotted weapons reports
  • Unreported weapons report

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