GEMS Field Engineer Mobile Computing Debrief

The field engineers should be able to connect to the mainframe via wireless IP network downloads relevant information, make changes offline, and upload the updated records to the mainframe system. The mainframe connectivity will be provided by GEMS EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) software. This EAI software is a Servlets-based engine, accessible via HTTP and XML.

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GEMS Field Engineer



Client side PDA (field engineers use Palm Pilot or Kyocera phones that run on Palm OS), having the following sub modules:

  • Forms and relevant database/catalog that displays and records RFS and Debrief information on the client (PDA)
  • Converter that reads the database and converts it into ASCII buffer streams and vice versa
  • Socket connector that sends and receives ASCII buffer data by opening a TCP / IP socket with the Broker.

Server (Broker side) will be created in Java. Completed RFS (Debriefs) need to be uploaded from PDA to EAI and new Request for Service (RFS) need to be downloaded from EAI to PDA. The Broker will do that using following submodules:

  • Listener in the predetermined port for TCP/IP socket requests
  • Converter from ASCII (socket stream) to XML and vice versa.
  • HTTP request from broker to EAI servlet to upload completed Debrief information in XML and download new request for service (RFS) in XML to broker (JAVA).

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