Flash News

Flash news is a report on an important piece of news which is scrolling at the scroll bar.

Get Started

Flash News feature allow creating and display news about a particular location.

For example, news like due to natural disaster occurred in a particular location, delivery will be delayed to that location, information of holidays and strikes etc.

Procedure Of Flash News

  • Click on Flash News which is in Customer Management menu.
  • Select location, Enter News information (Which you want to display at scroll bar), select category, select Flash News From date, time and To date, time then click on save button
  • Once it’s saved then do logout and login in selected location then Flash News will be scrolling at scroll bar.
  • Go to Flash New List select location then click on execute, you can see the list of Flash News which is assigned to that particular location.
  • If it's expired, you can renewal by extending To date by clicking on edit button.
  • If you want to display the scroll information in all locations, then select location as ALL.