Reverse Tax Calculation

Reverse tax calculation feature allow customer to enter grand total value which is including tax amount and system has to calculate the freight rate and reverse tax automatically.

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Reverse Tax Calculation

Calculate freight charges and reverse tax using grand total.

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Procedure Of Reverse Tax Calculation

  • Select checkbox near Grand Total to calculate reverse tax.
  • Enter Grand Total manually.
  • Automatically calculates freight charges and reverse tax.

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Batch Management of Inventory

Effective warehousing operations employ Batch & Wave picking to improve accuracy, streamline process, space optimisation & productivity.

Our WMS helps simplify managing inventory of items with batch attributes such as Expiry Date, MRP etc. It allows configurable number of batch attributes at SKU level i.e some SKUs would require capturing of Expiry Date during Inwards while other would not. System creates Batches of Inventory in WMS based on combination of batch attributes and allows user to track batch wise inventory at all times.

Stock Transfers across Stocking Points (Warehouses & Stores)

Inventory is the life-blood of any product-based business.

Inventory transfers across warehouses and/or stores are sometimes necessary for driving effective stock turns and order fulfillment. We help you track all such movement of goods from Request Creation to Pick/Pack to Shipment to Receiving at the destination.

3D View Of Warehouse

3D visual warehouse provides insight into bottlenecks and assets

Streamline your logistics & warehouse operations and spurt revenue growth

  • Monitoring and manage stocks visually
  • You can view the entire warehouse with emty bins
  • Find out easily near to expiry products(with change of stock color)
  • Visual insight into bottlenecks and asset utilization
  • Dynamic task and replenishment management

Automate Your Fulfillment Processes With Cloud-Based WMS

WMS is scalable and adaptable to help you adjust your operations as your needs change.

  • Improve Warehouse Space Utilization
  • Improve Inventory Visibility and Accuracy
  • 3D visual warehouse provides insight into bottlenecks and assets
  • Effective Reporting and Planning
  • Faster Delivery and Quicker Returns
  • Stop overselling and refunding orders due to inaccurate inventory levels.
  • Maximize the human element of your warehouse operations


This is the essential function when Surplus commodities which aren't needed immediately are often stored in several locations.


Price Stabilization

Fall within the costs of products when their supply is in richness and rise in their prices during the slack season are avoided.


Risk bearing

Products are stored in warehouses they're exposed to several risks within the sort of theft, deterioration, exploration, fire etc.