FEMORI caters to the big range of dreams in an exceedingly woman’s life with the only real aim of serving to her deliver the goods them. A platform for connecting with others, it's straightforward to use and straightforward to navigate.

thru this app, you can: 1. flick thru many dreams or produce your own, for others to affix you on that.
2. Kind teams amongst your followers and chat with them regarding your dreams. Network with similar ladies around you.
3. Contact specialists World Health Organization will facilitate and guide you around the way to deliver the goods your dreams.
4. Meet Angels or Become AN Angel. Angel’s area unit ladies World Health Organization give varied tools/opportunities of support to alternative ladies World Health Organization wish to realize their dreams.
5. place up your own deal or browse deals/events from an extended list of thirty six classes starting from Finance to journey sports to Parenting.
6. Rate your Deals, offer feedback or notice and mark your favorite alter such a big amount of dreams already returning true, with the assistance of specialists and Angels and with thirty six open-ended classes to decide on from, FEMORI makes it potential for each girl to spot precisely what she desires and the way she will set about obtaining it. we tend to believe that, given the proper likelihood, all ladies area unit capable of creating their deepest dreams come back true.
In the land of Fhccemori, all Users area unit Femoritas. I t's a land of joy and hope. wherever ladies area unit absolve to speak their minds, and follow their hearts. it's aloof from the daily hassles, anxiety, obligations and judgments that the majority people face. it's an area wherever you get to be you and move with alternative ladies rather like you.
Do you actually wish something? Does one extremely would like to realize something? likelihood is alternative ladies do too. So, plow ahead and move with these ladies and share what you are feeling. You’ll be able to additionally aid one another within the journey to achieving your goals.
You can additionally read the dreams of alternative users and treat their posts.