Invoice Stream

You can track if and when each document was opened and how long it was read for. Rapidly change sales documents into an invoice in two clicks and stay away from any possibility of accidental document duplication. Your invoices will be personalized your logos, page background, and company information. Your customers will also need to see their invoices and pay them. That’s why were customers can view their invoices and download them into PDF.

Any time that you or your team spends on a customer is logged in one place to simply generate an invoice with the cost calculated for you. If your business works on retainer or a decided billing schedule, we will work for you. Just put in the frequency and let the invoices get generated and billed automatically.

Ask a purchaser to print off a quotation, sign it, scan it, and then send it back is exhausting for both sides. With online signature, speed up your time to close a deal by allowing customers to legally signs your proposal and quotes online. When that’s out of the way, we catch you paid quicker with an online payment portal available on every invoice. Be it PayPal, credit card, or direct debit, you’ll get paid.