Join Ripper with your first name and one text. No other personal data collected and no mobile marketing blasts. You can Earn points at all participating locations with just with your phone number. Updated point balances are sent in real-time via text messages. You’ll get a notification when rewards are ready to use. Just use your phone number to spend your reward value.
To join and text your first name to the your number. To earn rewards, give your phone number to the cashier during checkout (in stores or online) at any Wilbur participating business. Our system automatically tracks separate rewards for each store you visit, but you use the same number everywhere. You’ll receive text messages with an updated point balance only when you earn points or rewards.Rewards are stored with your phone number. To redeem rewards, just give your phone number to the cashier and the reward value will be taken off your purchase.

Rippr distributes the rewards given to the ‘ball’ to everyone who participated and shaped the ‘ball’ size in accordance to how much dollar value they have contributed.

The ‘ball’ size means sales for the retailer.

The sales are based on shelf price as the retailer is not giving up front discount (encouraging loyalty not opportunistic behaviour)

No one individually can make the ‘ball’ bounce higher and therefore to get more rewards everyone is incentivized to bring friends and family to buy from the same retailer.

This is more sales for the retailer, more rewards for the consumers, more repeated business for the retailer, more savings for the consumer. On the other hand, the consumers do not need any extra cards in their wallet.

Rippr offers to the retailers a dynamic database that is created by the consumers who register only 1 time. As mentioned above Rippr is a multi-wallet.

Rippr gives all the statistics to the retailers letting them know who are the most important customers, insights on their shopping habits and much more.