Protect By SOS

If you click the Button, We Do the Rest. Never feel alone, because we are linked to your phone. SOS Safety App is the best Modern Alert System that responds to Emergency Contacts. Just Press HELP and We send HELP Alerts to your emergency SOS contacts with your location Family, Co-workers and Friends instantly notified by SMS, Automat ed Call and email. They don’t need an App, data or Wi-Fi – Just a simple phone. No manned call center - our automatic emergency alert system sends alerts Direct. Works with Amazon Alexia or Google Home Speakers

Who’s the app for?

Those wanting to protect people they Care about to provide “Peace of Mind.
- Seniors/Elderly & Carers (easy-to-use)
- Concerned Employers improving Employees Protection & Safety e.g. Lone Workers - Anyone travelling abroad Alone.
- Family & Friends who spend time Alone
1. Open App, Push the Button.
2. Swipe right & press the Widget.
3. Say “Hey Siri send a message using My SOS Family” without unlocking your phone.
4. Set timer (in our safety cloud) & if you Can’t Cancel; we send Alerts when the timer ends.
5. Add a customized message to Alerts.
6. Add/Take a photo with Alerts.
7. Press earphone buttons to discreetly trigger alert.
8. Choose to send alerts to everyone simultaneously or one person after another.
9. Send Check-in email updates with the location.
10. Connect Bluetooth devices to trigger SOS.
11. Autodial Emergency Services in your country.
12. Call SOS number & record SOS voice message sent with Alerts.