Building software that matters

We believe in working with small, balanced teams tailored to your project delivers greater business value. Our teams bring varied skills to the table and believe in collaboration, consistent communication, and transparency all add up to a building a great product.

We've launched hundreds of projects with a wide range of customers big and small, each with a unique problem set and perspective. Change is constant and that's why seeing the big picture, leaning on our experience, and building for change is by far the most effective way to build exceptional products.

Building software that matters
We were first

That’s right, we’re Dayton’s first Ruby on Rails consulting firm. Our founder Matt began his journey right as it was launching.

Years of experience

Having worked with Rails for over 10 years, your project will be in more than capable hands.

Awards & Recognitions

We focused on our customers' market facing business processes such as research, product development, marketing, sales and customer service. Our mission is to delight our customers by providing excellence in IT services, value and results. We have received wide range of awards and other recognition for our efforts.

Building software that matters
Awarded by AEI
2016 Excellence Award

Our Core Values


Quality over Quantity

No matter where we are in your project's life-cycle, we always want to be remembered for delivery quality when we design, write, and engineer. Nothing makes us happier than looking back at our work one week, six months or six years down the road, and be absolutely impressed with ourselves on a job well done.


Communication is everything

Our strength as a team depends on how well we communicate with ourselves and our customers on a regular basis. No matter how focused we are own our work, we must and will always communicate with each other and respond to questions with absolute urgency.


Approach with Empathy

We are a team of people that excel in what we do, and sometimes it can feel easy. However, we're reminded over and over that delivery exceptional projects is no easy feat - in fact, it can be downright hard. That's why and we approach each day with genuine empathy, honest and most of all, understanding.


Simplicity is King

It's one thing that we've learned over the past tweenty five years, is that simplicity always wins out no matter what. Our process has been refined to apply simple, clear, and concise solutions from design to code. Because simple means, simple to use, simple to understand, simple to change, all adding up to huge cost savings and exponential growth.


Balanced Work Life

It is not about the Benjamin's, unless your name is Benjamin. We love what we do and it shows in our work - we want to keep that way. Our kryptonite is burn-out, and so we encourage our team to work hard and also rest hard. That's why we have a no-overtime time policy and whenever possible, align work with strengths and interests so that work doesn't feel like work.


Absolute Transparency

Relationships are key to any successful venture. And for relationships to work, we constantly strive to make sure every team member has an absolutely clear picture of what a successful outcome looks like, a 100% view into our process, and tools in place to ensure feedback is timely and honest. And the bonus, work will become easier and more productive.

What's it like working with Softpal?

We believe in the power of collaboration. We're always standing by - whether it's a phone call, video conference, or Slack message, we like to work closely with you so we feel like an extension of your team.

Everything in the open. Everything we do is tracked and reported so you know exactly what's going on. You'll have access to our Slack channel, our project management software, code repository, and more. Nothing is kept in the dark from you.

Complete turnkey software design and engineering firm at your fingertips. We thrive on having everything it takes to make a great software project: engineers, designers, quality assurance engineers, DevOps, project managers - on demand.

Insanely organized. Over the twelve years of building software projects, we've streamlined our software development process by staying organized, removing noise, automating wherever possible, and consistent communication at every step.

Our values

Our values

Build Together

We are respectful, sharing, teaching and learning. We are smart, weird, fun and above all, we're a team and want to see each other succeed personally and professionally.

Take Ownership

Everyone at Softpal believes that the product represents who we are and the hard work we do. We want to feel proud of this platform that's shared with the world.

Be Curious

The opportunity to learn is everywhere, and we encourage each other to constantly ask questions, dive into data and collaborate with other teams and our users.

Think in Experiences

Product and experiences are part of our DNA, it's not just the software we're building but how we approach everything.

Say What You Think

Ideas, praise and feedback can, and should, come from everyone within Softpal. Regardless of team or title, all knowledge and enthusiasm is welcome and appreciated.

A bunch of teachers, makers, movers and shakers

If we had to pick one single thing that all of the wonderful people at Softpal have in common it would be the entrepreneurial spirit that runs through the team and generates no end of inspiration, innovation and fun. We're proud of the culture and relationships that have formed at Softpal and want you to join us.