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Pankaj modi


Softpal manages our website at Angiras. The Website along with the features are excellent. We get very prompt service and the turn-around is commendable. ​

Mahesh Bhairy


Everyone is very friendly and always make time to help you when you are in need. There are great training and development opportunities and you get a sense that it is a company that is going somewhere, there is always a drive to be bigger and better each and every year from Past 2 decades. Overall a fantastic company and fabulous management to work for!​


Utkarsh Agarwal


This company is a very hard working which has a potential to function on the base of market demand & programming the software which would help us in our’s a very loyal company which believes in customer satisfaction @ any cost!...​

P Santhamurthy


I'm a long time customer of this service and extremely satisfied with their products and services.​