API Integration is Simplified With FedEx Freight

FedEx Freight Offers reliable, cost-effective delivery and provides fast-transit delivery of time-sensitive freight to meet your supply chain needs.

Day & Time-Definite
Volume Services
Offshore Services
International Services

FedEx Freight Shipping integration Benefits

Fedex Freight Benefits
  • Enables you to select your shipment's delivery time or even receive your shipment one day earlier than the published FedEx Freight Priority transit time.
  • Creating FedEx Freight Shipments with FedEx Ship Manager Software enables you to Rate and Track Status of shipments
  • Drive customer happiness up and better apply internal service team members more effectively by focusing on monitoring and oversight rather than manual execution
  • Select a delivery on, before or after a date, or between two dates as long as it's on or after the quality delivery day.
  • Minimize internal bottle-necks of information by directly linking related tracking numbers to orders, invoices, and customer account records
Check and compare rates

Softpal pulls FedEx rates to help you select the most reasonable one. You can integrate multiple shipping providers to compare rates and enhance order fulfillment decisions.

Verify shipping addresses

Once you select carrier and rates, Softpal will verify shipping address for you, in order that any mistakes are identified before dispatch of order. this manner you'll avoid costly shipping delays and improve customer service.

Generate shipping labels

With Softpal, you'll instantly buy labels and print them to form your package ship ready. Softpal’s shipping management software allows you to automate your shipping process to save lots of time and money.

FedEx Freight API Integration Services

  • Enhance your reporting capabilities and manage cost.
  • Rate and Track the status of shipments
  • Email shipping labels.
  • Choose from numerous delivery options and speeds for your package shipments.
  • Create shipping labels for shipments from a single point
  • Reliable and Economic freight delivery when timing is not critical
  • Automate manual processes, eliminating errors.
  • FedEx Freight provide Volume services
  • Varities of other charges
  • You can place pickup request on FedEx
  • Place booking cancel request on FedEx

Tracking Information

Softpal Web Tracker is Web based shipment tracking Solution which is usually suitable for low volume and non frequent customer. No software installation is required to trace the shipment. Any system connected with Internet are going to be enough to trace the shipment.

To make your life as easy as possible, we provide you many Tracking Options. Customer can track the shipment using Softpal Consignment No. or corresponding Reference No.

FedEx Freight Tracking Information

FedEx Shipping Label

FedEx Freight Shipping Label

Shipping labels share important information together with your supply chain, helping technology and other people alike understand the origins and destination of your package.

Without clear shipping labels, your customer's orders could be lost or mishandled, creating a bad customer experience, damaging brand loyalty, and ultimately losing sales.

shipping labels generally include the following information:

  • Origin/return address
  • Destination address
  • Package weight
  • Shipping class (Next Day Air and Priority Mail, respectively)
  • Electronic tracking number and shipping barcode (automatically generated by the carrier)

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