Asset Management Software

AMS the Web based application helps in maintaining Assets information

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Asset management Software

Manage anything and everything you own with
Asset Tracking Software!

  • Know about your asset – always.

    By knowing exactly which asset is allocated/ rented to whom and for how long with our detailed user management system, eliminate the risk of others running away with what belongs to you

  • A one-view-solution – so you can stay on top.

    With our pre-built reports you can now monitor the status, condition and location of assets.

  • Asset Maintenance – made easy

    Create & track service & maintenance schedules, AMC contracts, EMIs. Also track returnable date for leased & rented assets or for assets assigned to someone else

  • Works across business – what’s yours.

    Our software is robust to cater to various businesses like sports, manufacturing, hospitality, education and emergency services.

Tracking & Maintenance

Asset Tracking & Maintenance
  • Fixed Assets and Movable assets
  • Asset History & categorization
  • Asset movement details
  • Grouping of Assets as per existing Chart of Accounts
  • Maintenance of AMC Details, Repairs, Warranty etc...
  • Centralized RF-ID usage or Barcode Generation, Printing and assigning to an asset.
  • Decentralized identification of Assets.
  • Transfer of Assets on Temporary/Permanent to Customer/Branches.
  • Status maintenance of Assets, Warranty.

All your asset tracking needs covered.

Hold all asset information within reach.
Know the whereabouts of your assets at all times.
Track your machine, hardware, and software in one go.
Review Asset
Review asset demands at a glance.

Benefits Of Asset Management Software

Assets Benefits
Maximize Assets Benefits over Lifecycle
Centralized Asset Management
Centralized Asset Management
Track Asset Level Service
Track Asset Level Service Costs
Asset Verification
Remote Asset Verification
Reduce Human Dependency
Reduce Human Dependency with Complete Automation
Multiple Deployment
Choose from Multiple Deployment Options Depending on your Needs
Existing IT System
No Need to Upgrade your Existing IT System
Asset Life-Cycle
Reducing the Overall Cost of Asset Life-Cycle
Plug and Play Implementation
Plug and Play Implementation ‐ No Need to Install On-Premise Software
Reduced Deployment Time
Reduced Deployment Time - Go Live in 7 days
Affordability and Scalability
Affordability and Scalability - Pay as you Grow
Complete Integration
Complete Integration with Inventory Management, Procurement to Pay and all other ERP modules


  • Asset Information Report
  • Asset summary information report
  • Asset summary by type, by model report
  • Asset purchased report, Assets disposed report
Asset with expired warranty & maintenance report
  • Insurance report, Premium Paid, Matured Policies,
  • Insurance Renewal Due, Claims
  • Asset Location wise report
  • Changed location asset reports

Unique Features

Lifecycle Tracking - Tracking of an asset over the entire life cycle.

Remote Physical Verification - Physical verification of assets through mobile App.

Access from any device, anywhere, anytime.

GST Compliance - Helps in the movement of assets with related GST compliance.

QR Code System - Bar code and QR Code System to identify assets.

Service Maintenance Tracking.

Track Repairs - Tracking repairs cost at asset level.

Warranty and Insurance tracking.

Comprehensive Tracking - Track assets at the employee level, department level and many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Asset management software is a dedicated application which is used to record and track an asset throughout its life cycle, from procurement to disposal. It provides an organization with information like where certain assets are located, who is using them, how they are being utilized and details about the asset.

Asset management software tracks every aspect of an asset and is very useful to an organization because, aside from keeping track of assets, it can also provide additional functions like Measuring vendor performance, Optimization of supplier portfolio, Vendor audit and policy compliance.

Benefits of asset management software include Maximize utilization and value of assets, Enable informed decision, Making through cost transparency, Proactive software license compliance, Manage services as well as assets, Track vendor and supplier performance through transparent metrics, Optimized allocation of assets for greater return on investment.

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