Now generate E-Invoices from your ERP with just 1-click!

Easily manage your current invoice management system to new e-invoicing reform under GST to stay compliant, simplify e-invoice generation and use GST compliance automation technology as a strategy to scale your business.


Need Of The Hour

Generate e-Invoice
Generate e-Invoice

Ability to get e-invoices generated from one or multiple internal billing systems

Get IRN Seamlessly
Get IRN Seamlessly

Process of getting IRN should be seamless and zero disruption to continue business as-is

Bridge Data Gaps
Bridge Data Gaps

Bridging the data gaps, if any, for meeting e-invoicing compliance needs

Prepare for Future

Comprehensive and future proof approach to cater to existing as well as upcoming compliance requirements

Features At A Glance

Highly secure data transfer

Highly secure data transfer

We operate in encrypted transmission and therefore are reliable enough to keep your sensitive data under highly secured server.

Digital Signature and QR code

Digital Signature and QR code

Which has been digitally or electronically signed and prepared the QR Code by the IRP after receiving the invoice uploaded by the supplier.

Hassle-Free Integration

Hassle-Free Integration

Sign up for a subscription and save money by avoiding the cost and time needed to set up an entire in-house e-invoicing system.

Analytics and custom reports

Analytics and custom reports

Pre-built analytics dashboard helps you track your progress and provide you with necessary compliance intelligence. You can even build custom reports.

Don't worry about scale

Don't worry about scale

Handle high volume of seasonal invoices or rush during peak hours. Get the infrastructure to scale, capture and generate e-invoices.

Always stay connected

Always stay connected

Connect with multiple GSPs and Invoice Registration Portals to have a fail-safe environment for e-invoice generation.

Get ready for e-Invoicing with Softpal integrated e-Invoicing solution!

A simple and affordable solution for e-Invoicing quickly and reliably.

Generate complete and ready-to-use E-Invoices!

E Invoice Overview
  • e-Invoice and GSTR 1 Reconciliation
  • Invoices integrated with IRP System, GSTN and E-Way Bill System
  • Generate and cancel invoices from your ERP with one click
  • Validate and print all invoices with QR code
  • Auto-accounting of purchase invoices directly into ERP
  • Real-time alerts for e-invoice updates
  • Day End Process is provided, before starting fresh new day operations.

Why Choose Us

Softpal e-Invoicing solution is a one-stop solution for all your e-Invoicing Needs

No Manual Data Filling
Bulk Generation of IRN
Expert Support

Frequently Asked Questions


In GST, Electronic Invoice or E- Invoice is basically the registration of invoice particulars on Invoice Reference Portal (IRP) maintained by the govt. and obtain the Invoice Reference Number (IRN) with QR Code from there against such invoice. Newly inserted clause 4 in Rule 48 of the CGST Rules 2017 specifies certain specified taxpayers are require to upload invoice particular in Form GST INV-01 and generate IRN with QR Code. Because of standard e-invoice schema the exchange of invoice data between buyer & supplier can be done electronically.

IRN is required to be generated for the following types of document:

  • Invoices
  • Credit Notes
  • Debit Notes

IRN for above documents only required to be generated by the certain specified category of the taxpayers in case of B2B or Export transaction.

Yes, it is possible using offline utility of the Govt.

Hostbooks application allows to users bulk-uploading of the invoices to generate IRNs & QR Codes in one go.

However reporting to the IRP portal and generation of IRN will be done one by one only but such process is too fast and it will not be visible to the user.

API interface is a site-to-site integration of two systems. Using this, the taxpayer can link his IT system with E-Invoice system to generate IRN directly from his IT solution without keying in the details for e-invoice form in the Portal. This reduces duplicate data entry and eliminates the data entry mistakes.

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