Load Planning

Load planning is one of the most effective ways for courier companies to reduce their expenses.

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In the courier company, load planning is the process of combining shipments so that fewer vehicles need to be used to deliver goods.

Make trips more efficient and reduces transportation costs.

Procedure Of Load Planning

  • Prepare Manifest - sending consignment from one hub to other hub.
  • In Advance, other hub should know about how many vehicles and consignments are sending.
  • Manifest contains data of arrival date, dispatched date, manifest destination, manifest origin.
  • Load planning contain count and details of consignments that we are going to receive from different Hub locations.

Benefits Of Load Planning

  • Load planning, when done right, can help you to compete on price.
  • It can help lower your mileage.
  • Improve your delivery capacity.
  • Reduce your overhead and increase your profit margins.