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Parking Management Software

The MPS Wireless Parking Solution is a new product / service offering intended to exploit the power of wireless technology to facilitate enhanced management of municipal parking spaces

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Parking Management Software

SMS based Parking Features


The Cell phone owner can become a registered customer by visiting the SMS Parking Website and paying some amount either using Credit Card or using debit bank options.


By becoming a registered customer he gets an account with the opening balance of the amount. He can then utilize this amount when ever and where ever he is parking his vehicle in the City.


This software currently is being planned for using with Municipality of the city and the City Traffic Police.


Using his Cell phone the registered customer can send SMS to the software short number or service number

Objective of WPS

  • To provide a fully Wireless Integrated Parking system with various monitoring, Controlling and Ticketing systems
  • Make it  Easy  and more  Efficient to both Consumers & to the City
Objective of WPS
Parking Customer Needs

Customer Needs

  • Automate the Public parking and make it more efficient compared to the manual process
  • Affordable, Reliable and low maintenance
  • More Profitable

WPS Modules

Consumer Information System
  • Consumer registers with WMS
  • Selects - Payment method
  • Registers – Vehicles, Cell Number etc
  • View/Edit –Personal Info, Bills etc
Municipality Parking System
  • Create all Master Tables
  • Process Messages
  • Monitor the Activity – based on Zone, Sub Zone etc
  • Allows to set parameters to enable the Application to run in desired way
Account Management System
  • Is Managed either by City or by the Cell provider depending on the arrangement
  • Provides Details of all account activity
  • Allows making transfer/cancellation etc
  • Assists the Police Officer in enforcing the Law
  • At Click of button gives complete Info of any Violations
  • Immediate updates to the AMS and proper follow-up action is taken

Frequently Asked Questions


The SMS message parking request is sent by the customer to the software. In reply confirmation is sent by the software to the cell phone of customer. Also the reminder alert is sent from the software to the cell phone of customer.

The software sends automatic alert reminder SMS to your cell phone reminding the expiry of parking time before 10min.

Yes generally this works for any cell phone company across the WORLD

There is no limit it can go up to 100 SMS per second and even more if required.

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