Other Charges

Other Charges refers additional charges like fuel charge, packing charge etc… charged to the customer.

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Various Other Charges

  • A Remote Area Surcharge is applied per shipment when the domestic or international delivery destination or pick up location is remote.
  • An additional charge may be billed for unsuccessful delivery because of an incorrect address.
  • Fuel surcharge is an extra cost charged by courier companies to cover the fluctuating cost of fuel.
  • Package rerouting happens when the parcel was already picked up and, while it in transit, you requested to change the delivery address.
  • Courier surcharge is applied when the shipment is stored in the warehouse for more days than the limit.

Generate Bill for Other Charges

  • Open the Other Charges screen, which is in Accounts Menu.
  • Enter the consignment number, select the Charge Date, select the Type of Charge.
  • Enter the Description, enter the Charge Amount, if needed select the Service Charge, and then click on “Add” button.
  • After Adding Other Charges, the software will give a unique Receipt Number, and it is possible to modify or delete the other charges.
  • Click on Generate bill button, it will generate the bill and show the bill number.
  • Click on print button to open the Generate bill in PDF format.

Generate Bill for Other Charges Manually

  • If we mistakenly entered wrong other charges or wrong rates or want to add some more other charges for the same bill number, in such case we delete that bill in bill list screen.
  • Click on edit button in other charges list to add or modify the other charges details and click on save button.
  • Before generating the bill, check the “Generate Using the Manual Bill Number” check box and click on “Generate bill” button.
  • It will ask for the bill number now enter the previously deleted bill number and select the Bill date and click on Generate button.
  • It will generate the updated invoice details with previously deleted bill number